Portfolio Perseverance

The E-Portfolio is something I keep putting on the back burner. I guess I want to make it so perfect and give it all the time it needs and I never have sufficient sit down time for that. This portfolio that I’m sticking with was not the first I started to create. Or the second. It was the third. I finally think I have the layout that I want though. I really envisioned the set up like this so I’m happy with that.

Before you look at it here are some things you should know:

I have decided to take a more creative, poetic turn with this E-Portfolio. I know a lot of people are making theirs for an audience that’s comprised of future employers/ professionals. I think I want to reserve that for my Capstone Portfolio and do this one for me and for my peers my age. Therefore, there will be a lot poetry and creative pieces such as my intro and Why I Write. The intro is going to be a poem that I’ve yet to finalize and the Why I Write (which is up under the Projects tab, as is the re-purposing) is a creative non-fiction. I say non-fiction because it’s a dramatization of how the writing process feels in my mind. Therefore, I feel it is real to me and to my identity as a writer.

A lot of things on it are still from the template. I haven’t really made it very far on any of the pages. However, I know what I plan to put there and they are as follows:

  • Projects – This is where the Why I Write, Re-Purposing, and Re-Mediation will be found. On that general page is going to be a description of Writing 220 and the Minor in general as well as why I chose the minor. It will also probably be a creative writing piece. 
  • “Artifacts” – Remains to be re-named. It’s where I’m going to put outside this class work. Likely it will be poetry that I write in my free time.
  • The Ride – Also may be re-named. Not sure yet. However, that is where I’m going to put the process of all of this and of my pieces, etc. Basically, the reflection section.
  • Contact – This is really just self-explanatory…

I’m very excited to finish up this re-mediation and put it in there because right now there’s just a place holder video. I’m also really excited about the “Artifacts” section because I rarely get to share my poetry and even lately haven’t had any real time to write about anything I care about. So I’m really excited for that aspect. My portfolio is kind of… I hate to say it, but dark. I’m intending the feel to be about discovery and therefore have an element of mystery to it. I don’t really know how that’s working so if you have feedback about that let me know!

Here’s the link. Have fun searching around and please feel free to leave comments either on this post or directly on the contact page of my portfolio (it could be cool to find out if it actually works…)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

6 thoughts to “Portfolio Perseverance”

  1. Hi Sarah!

    Your portfolio site looks really cool so far, even though there’s still a bunch of placeholder stuff. I like that it has a bit of a darker feel to it, and I’m interested to see some of your poetry once you add that in. I’m totally all for the decision to make your portfolio something more creative to showcase your own creative writing. There’s always time to make something “professional” that employers will like in the future.
    I think it would be cool if you brought out that idea of the mystery and discovery in your portfolio a little more somehow.
    Like maybe even if you just have a short paragraph somewhere about that on an “about me” page or something.
    Either way, it seems like it’s coming together great, and once you really get the time to devote to this (who really has any extra tie, anyway) I’m sure it’ll all look/feel/be awesome 🙂

  2. I’m in the same place you are, I definitely have a lot of work to do on my portfolio, but I think the way you plan to set it up sounds clear – I also really love your home page, especially the title text.

    Taking a more creative stance on this is really interesting and I think it definitely gives your audience a look into what kind of writer/person you are and I think that’s really cool.

    I like the addition of music on the homepage too, I think it’s a fun touch, and an intro poem that somehow ties writing and creativity together I think will work really well.

  3. I feel like I can completely relate to your portfolio. I myself wanted the tone to be more figurative, just because I never get to use that style in academic writing- so, I think it’s great you’re including your poetry! Also, I actually really like the title “The Ride” for your one tab, it sounds pretty cool.

    AND you included a song!!! Maybe this is my favorite part. I wish wordpress would allow for this (maybe it does). But anyway, is there maybe a theme inherent in all of your “project” pieces that you could bring into the portfolio, just to connect all of the pieces? Just something to think about! Another interesting thing to include could be how you believe your poetry connects to your 220 writing, even if the connection is loose. It looks great so far and I think that with an established theme, it will all come together!

  4. Sarah I wouldn’t worry about having a “dark” portfolio. The fact that you’re embracing uncomfortable themes in your writing will probably make it better, not worse. I’m sure your teacher will appreciate some writing that isn’t overly positive for a change.
    I really enjoyed opening your portfolio and finding a song. I liked it so much I may steal the idea from you.
    Finally, I think an introductory poem is a strong move. It grabs attention way more than a bio, or an essay. Paragraphs can be threatening and boring. Poems are inviting and mysterious.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I love the look of your portfolio and I see what you mean by dark, but I do agree that is the mysterious kind of dark. I also love the tone that you write with, especially in your “Why I Write.” It sets a certain vibe for the site that matches the black and white landscape. There’s something about it that’s so pensive and story like it sets an almost suspenseful feel. It definitely provides an intriguing read into how you look at the world and I love the multi media including the music playing at the very beginning.

    I’m really excited to see how you layout the rest of your portfolio since I remember what it looked like when we were originally brainstorming on paper. I’d also like to see more of your poems! I completely agree, there are so many things I wish I had more time to do but then, before I know it, the day’s gone by. Reading is definitely one of them. If you write more poetry and poems, I’ll promise to read more? Just kidding, but I really do like the feel of your portfolio and would love to see more of your poems!

  6. After clicking that link and taking a look at your portfolio, I can already tell you that I am a fan. I can see how you may think the page seems dark, but I really don’t think it is at all overwhelming. I actually think the white contrasts with the black very nicely and the font gives it a simple look. I like the minimalist idea, as far as the layout goes, and it is something I am trying to follow for my portfolio.

    I really like how you have decided to approach this whole process. I think your desire to take a more creative spin on the whole thing will make a for a really unique and successful portfolio. I think its great that you are excited to upload your creative work, including your portfolio. I think this excitement will show through on your page once it is completed.

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