Prezi gives me motion sickness #stylechallenge

A big part of my Cosmopolitan presentation is the ending product of the new refurbished magazine. I want to convey to my editors, and owners of the magazine, that my idea will work and enhances the magazine. I had originally planned on zooming in on different components of the magazine to finally reveal the new magazine for 2014. My issue right now is how much is too much motion? I want to make sure people are not too dizzy watching it, but will this take away from my desired look at the end if I put all my data at the end? Here is one where you will zoom in on the history of Helen Gurley Brown (the reason Cosmo is the way it is today), but I am unsure if this jumping around is too much motion.


There’s Helen, so tiny!


In light of dizziness, I am also working on inserting a video into my prezi. In my previous post I learned how to insert the link and it would pop up automatically with the thumbnail on the screen. What I was still unsure about was how to show my Audrey Hepburn video


I have always wanted to know how to do that and I finally figured it out-another easy fix I never knew. I wanted the roller coaster to start on a specific time, and I did it!

Now onto Audrey’s interview


One thought to “Prezi gives me motion sickness #stylechallenge”

  1. Your title caught my eye immediately because sometimes Prezi does give me motion sickness when I’m watching it swoosh in and out of each part. But the upside of Prezi is that it makes the entire presentation more dynamic and often times there can be a really neat framework that shows how we’re moving within the big framework.

    I also love how you’re using all types of media in your presentation to really emphasize the digital aspect of using different medium and incorporating them within each other. Especially with magazines that have to adapt to their user base which often tend to be trendy millennials, the ability to predict and accurately use the next new age tool could be the tipping point between success and failure. Awesome work so far and I’m excited to see what you decide on!

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