Re- mediating project

So this project for some reason is a little rockier of a start than the re-purposing. I knew what I liked and was immediately struck by what I wanted to do. Then once all that started happening I got very into it. I found a cool website that I could publish my magazine online, and using their template I could upload pictures and texts. It was actually a great program because I could see how a magazine would leave certain space for text. I felt like a real magazine editor and like I had a real deadline! (Hey, and it wasn’t too bad pretending I worked for Cosmopolitan either. God, how cool would that be…)



Moving onto my re-mediating was a little harder. I had just made an entire magazine article, so what else could I do with this topic? Movie… no I don’t even know what I could do. That seems easy to me, but I couldn’t think of anything worth while. And so, I started thinking about the purpose of my article. I wanted to give cosmopolitan more than just the frilly girly stuff. Things that could teach girls things: a manual for girls my age on things that they want to know. Not a book, but a constantly changing and magazine that is REAL.

Why not try to convince Cosmopolitan to makeover? Well, not so much makeover, but just refine some of the sections, and convince them that my article is something that people would want to read and should be a part of the magazine. As I am working, I am using some of my professional writing skills (yes, that class is helpful, but surprisingly hard and sometimes sooooo pointless) to propose this new idea to the editors of Cosmo in a way that I would be successful. I am working on a Prezi, but as a perfectionist, its coming along quite slowly. I’m sure, like my magazine I will lock myself away for two days and obsess over it. Just have to get into the grove!bc2c2aecb7bffafba346a237b4a721ae

Just trying to make Cosmo a little more classic  like it used to be!

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  1. This is a really interesting take to popular literature out there right now, especially magazines. So much of the material may seem to be surface level and shallow, that we’re left thinking why do people prefer this type of material? But then again, it sometimes is all about balance. Giving people a break from hardcore thinking all day long to enjoy the frills and bows, but then also giving them substantial food for thought.

    I’m definitely very interested to see how your project turns out and look forward to seeing how you incorporate this means of expression for girls that goes beyond date night and shopping.

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