Re-Mediation Project Progress

After my last post about my Re-Mediation project, I made the official decision to shift over from a PowerPoint presentation and create a Prezi instead.  I had never used Prezi before, so I was somewhat skeptical about the whole thing; however, I had used PowerPoint many times before and wanted to challenge myself to use a new, different medium.  When I first created an account with Prezi, I watched a few tutorial videos and learned what seemed to the basics for creating a cool presentation.  When you elect to create a new presentation, they offer a variety of “popular” templates to chose from, or the option to start from scratch.  As a brand new user, I chose to use a template in order to ease my way into the process and familiarize myself with how to build a presentation.  The template I chose was of fairly simple design and definitely easy to work with.  It looked nice and transitioned very smoothly; however, I began thinking it was too simple and did not have the creativity I had hoped for when I decided to switch to Prezi.  For that reason, I decided not to use this template, and instead to create my very own presentation.

With the help of more videos on sites like, and the advice from my peers also using Prezi, I was able to get a pretty good idea of how to execute my ideas.  There is definitely still much more I have to learn about the process, as well as much more I would like to include in my own presentation, but this one is definitely already superior to the template I had been previously using.  I am now able to transition from section to section in much more creative ways that enhance my presentation.  When I decided to switch from PowerPoint to Prezi, I was nervous, as Prezi was completely new to me.  While I am still no expert, I am definitely more confident about it and about how my final project will turn out

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