Re-Mediation Story Board Screen Shots

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I chose to use a PowerPoint as the format for my story boarding process.  I thought PowerPoint would provide an easy, clear way for me to express my ideas.  I also chose PowerPoint because I originally planned to use the same format for my re-mediation; however, I think I decided that I am going to use Prezi instead.  I made this decision because I have never used Prezi, and I think it would be much more interesting to re-mediate using a program I am completely unfamiliar with, than using one I have worked with countless times throughout the years.

Back to my story board, in order to complete it, I used the research I found on marketing plans, including descriptions of what is valued in the genre, and marketing plans themselves.  Through this research, I learned that while not every marketing plan is identical, they are all generally made up of the same components.  I broke my story board down using these different components.  As you can see in the slides I attached to this blog, I explained the meaning and significance of each component and included what a company would want to see.  The Marketing Mix, and Missions and Goals are just two of the of the sections of my marketing plan.  Others include the Executive Summary, the Company Description, and the Target Market.  Although they are each presented on just one slide in my story board, my final remediation project will obviously have much more detail and information regarding each component.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my re-mediation project, I am coming up with a fictitious small company and developing a marketing plan for them that focuses on a guerilla marketing strategy.  I have had a few ideas for a company and for a product, but I have yet to set my mind on one, which is why I did not go into greater detail in my story board.  I am close to making a decision, but any ideas and/or feedback would be very helpful


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  1. I think using a Prezi is a really good idea for the idea you have behind your remediation. I think it’s really tempting for a lot of us to use programs that we are familiar with, obviously, to make our jobs a little bit easier on this one. But there are so many cool programs and applications out there and this is probably going to help a ton when we’re working and have to be spontaneous and original in the real world (whatever that is).
    Good luck with your project!

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