This semester I have learned an incredible amount on revisions. I am also enrolled in English 325, Art of the Essay in which we spend a lot of time workshopping and making revision suggestions for each other and ourselves. I’ve always viewed the revision process as a time to make the grammatical changes and suggestions from my teacher in my paper and leave it at that. I was very wrong.

One of the most important things that I have learned in my revision process is focusing in on the theme and even changing it. I wrote a paper for my 325 class about my physical ailment of a lazy eye and wearing glasses. The first draft I explored different ideas of lazy eyes. In my second draft I changed my idea entirely to circling the idea of glasses in society. I used my personal experiences as well as pop culture to explain how different people see glasses.

My revision process created nearly an entirely new paper that I was so proud of. It takes a really long time to get your thoughts organized and drafts are ways that you get closer and closer to a narrowed idea. I also spent a lot of time scratching outlines throughout my writing.

I’ve learned the revision process is incredibly important.

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