Revision Process

I found myself doing A LOT more revisions for these papers/projects than I thought I would or normally do. To be honest for most papers and projects that I’ve worked on in high school and college, I usually bust out the bulk of it in one sitting and then just come back to it the next day to finish it up, read over again, and make some final small edits. And bam, I’m done.

But our Re-purposing and Re-mediation projects demanded a lot more thinking, creativity, and time. The freedom we had with both projects allowed me to incorporate a lot of ideas and in some ways, that freedom made it more difficult to narrow down and focus the final product, which inevitable makes progress extremely slow and frustrating.

I’m focusing my attention on my re-mediation project right now and I did a lot of revision before the first draft and have done a ton of revision since then. I’ve revisited my ads countless times, each time shifting the placement of the text or photos, changing the font, changing the text color, or adding more text. It can be frustrating to have to keep changing things, but I actually don’t mind for this project. One strategy I like to use is to put time between each revision. During that time, I’ll jot down more ideas and think about the things that can be improved/changed, but I won’t look at the actual project. When I finally open the file/doc again, I can look at it with fresh eyes and fresh ideas. This strategy helps figure out what’s working, what’s kind of working but needs some changes, and what’s not working at all. Working on a project in pieces instead of finishing it all in one sitting is much more productive in my opinion. You get a more thoughtful, cohesive, and successful final product.

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