Storyboarding Excitement!

Before I began my storyboard today, I have to admit that I was really not looking forward to it.  Partly because I am horrible at drawing, so I was worried about the scribbles making sense to other people, and also partly because I still hadn’t made a decision about sticking with a video or creating a website.  I decided to finally just start drawing out a flowchart for a video (since it’s the medium that I really wanted to work with from the beginning) and go from there.

Thinking about all of the different features of the video (shots, titles, voiceovers, sounds in the background, still photos, etc.) was really daunting and a bit difficult at first.  However, after the first few frames I really started to enjoy making tentative decisions about the video and thinking about the cool and interesting things that I could hopefully do with my footage.  My video is basically going to be a very short “tour” around campus featuring 4 resources (though there are also many more!) including MESA, Trotter Multicultural Center, the IGR program, as well as housing initiatives and the DPE program (especially since this video is geared toward freshmen students).

full storyboard


I can honestly say that I am so so SO  grateful for this storyboard — it has really motivated me to work with iMovie no matter how difficult it may be.  I’m really interested to work more hands on with this technology and create this video!  The video’s “tour” theme will consist of me going to different places around campus, and will include videos, photos, and interviews from different individuals who have experiences with the different places/programs.  Overall, I have a good vision in mind because of this planning, so I hope to start shooting near the end of this week/this weekend.  Hopefully I can have majority of my footage shot by next Monday, and put it all together by the time that the rough draft is due!

My only concern right now is whether or not my storyboard will live up to my expectations.  I have a lot of different things going on in my life and a lot of projects starting to be due coming up, so putting everything together is sure to be a challenge by next Thursday.  But I’m sure that everything will work out eventually!  I’m excited to see what I and everyone else in class will complete!

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  1. Your storyboard looks great. It seems like it was really helpful for you to figure out details for your video that you hadn’t thought about before. From your storyboard, it seems like your video will be really great. I hope that you end up being able to execute it!

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