Storyboarding Part 2

MarleyKaltRemediationStoryboardI wrote before about loving the storyboard experience (mostly after the fact) of the e-portfolio, so I was actually looking forward to storyboarding my Re-Mediation project.  For this project, I was going to create a collection of animated GIFs, on the topic of gender socialization.

I planned to make a Buzzfeed-type article about breaking gender stereotypes, with most of the information presented visually through animated photos or video clips.  Creating my storyboard was pretty straightforward – I typed a list of what images or clips I wanted to find (ex: a female gamer, a boy playing with dolls).  I even had a title, “(#) People Valiantly Breaking Gender Stereotypes.”

But when I looked at my completed storyboard, I realized it lacked depth and context.  I felt that viewers would not get anything out of this project.  It left much open to interpretation and did not take a clear stance on the issue of gender stereotypes.

So, I changed my platform.  Instead of creating a single, static list, I will compile my animated GIFs into a Tumblr.  While many of the posts will still be visual, using Tumblr should give me more room to explain the issue, how the GIFs relate to each other, and will give my topic more of the depth and seriousness it deserves.

So, here’s my storyboard (please ignore the bad drawings – I promise there will be no stick figures, rainbows, or dog-like animals in my completed project).  This shows the basic layout I want to have.  It will be very simple; just one page where viewers can scroll through and see all the images I have animated/compiled.  I will also include short posts to bring in my thoughts and explanations of the topic.

If any of you have suggestions of what types of images I should include or how to make the most out of Tumblr (I had never used it before this project), I’d love your input!

One thought to “Storyboarding Part 2”

  1. I know Tumblr gives users a ton of flexibility in terms of media and layout, so you could definitely take advantage of the ease of posting music or quotes or other media along with the gifs of course, and the text you’ve mentioned. I think it’s a really smart idea to compile it all into a blog instead of just one article. Also, every time I draw animals they come out looking like clouds with faces so your dog looks great to me!

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