#StyleChallenge Becomes A #TechChallenge Because Of Course

For my #StyleChallenge, I decided to present my public health papers as a self-created public health journal of sorts. I Googled (of course) online magazine editors and stumbled across MadMagz. I found it simple enough to use, and there were a lot of layout options. Some downfalls were that the layouts were pretty much set in stone once selected and after many pages it was hard to be creative with them.

The cover page of my magazine.
The cover page of my magazine.

Creating the magazine took quite a bit of time, so when I completed it I was very excited to code it into WordPress. This #stylechallenge, however, became a bit of a #techchallenge at this point. As per usual, my tech savvy dreams were dashed because wordpress.com does not allow you to insert codes with “embed” or “iframe” etc. into their site. Go figure. My code:


<code><p><iframe src=”http://madmagz.com/magazine/embed/265190?layout=1&amp;width=400″ width=”400″ height=”565″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe><p>A mag created with <a href=”http://madmagz.com/?utm_source=publisher&amp;utm_medium=embed&amp;utm_campaign=viewer”>Madmagz</a>.</p></code>


Ugh… So I had to settle for taking screenshots of the pages, inserting them into a slideshow, and then offering a link that leads to an external page with my magazine, which can be seen here.

Pros: I learned how to create a magazine, how to produce a slideshow on WordPress, and a bit more about coding.

Cons: My original vision wasn’t possible due to the blog host I had chosen, leading to a lot of frustration and annoyance.

Has anyone else had a moment like this?



Katie Koziara

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