#StyleChallenge – Pinterest for Business

Finding a Pinterest best practice guide led me to a lot of different “Pinterest for Business” guides. The best one that I found was put out by the company themselves and can be found here.

After getting through the basics of Pinterest (what it is, how it works, etc.) I found a few helpful hints. The first one that I thought about using was adding a Pin It button to the site sponsoring the boards. I hadn’t thought about this, but I think when I edit my Re-Purposing project I will add this to the site so that my Re-Purposing and my Re-Mediating sites are linked.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.15.33 PM

The rest of the style guide just included a bunch of helpful hints. I’ve created some goals that I think will make my page more popular and will enhance my project.

1. Pin to at least three boards each day (this will remind my followers each day about my boards and help them explore the rest of my page).

2. Add pins from others (so many people pin about internship opportunities and tips, something that I discovered after reading this practice guide).

3. Add thoughtful descriptions (instead of just listing the organization where internships are available, I am writing a bit about what interns can expect to do if they participate in that internship).

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.15.57 PM

To all of my fellow Pinterest pals, happy pinning!

Katie Koziara

During the school year, I can usually be found doing a few things: studying domestic health policy, working as a student coordinator for the Public Service Intern Program, exploring different restaurants around Ann Arbor, running my regular loop around the Big House, or catching up on one of my many, many favorite television shows.

2 thoughts to “#StyleChallenge – Pinterest for Business”

  1. I’m so jealous of how organized and goal oriented you are! I think it’s really cool how interactive your Pinterest is going to be. So many career sites and resources are pretty static and don’t allow students to share their actual experiences, and Pinterest seems like a solid tool to show a different perspective.

    1. I try to be organized on paper at least, I’m usually super unorganized with my thoughts so I kind of have had to train myself to keep everything in my life straight! And I’m hoping that it fits with our generation’s focus on interactive tools and captures people’s attention, thanks for the encouragement Margot!

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