#StyleChallenge – Whitespace

While researching graphic design and website layout principles, I found white space to be a common, positive element. I am trying to make use of this principle in my Remediation project, for which I am creating a Tumblr.

The challenge comes in with finding a layout that has the desired white space, but that will also accommodate my content.

My current layout uses a plain white background with three columns across. There is plenty of space around each post. And, captions are kept close to their accompanying images so readers can tell they are supposed to go together (in some themes I looked at, there was too much white space between photos and their captions). Also, being able to see multiple images at a time will keep the reader scrolling down.

There is one main problem, however, with fitting a theme to my content: animation.

I am using a lot of animation in the images for this project. Seeing multiple things move at once can distract a viewer, which defeats the purpose of focusing on white space. I am trying to alternate animated and non-animated posts, but this has not always been easy because I want to lay out my argument in a certain order.

Does anyone have tips for balancing space and animation? Am I the only one who thinks multiple moving images are distracting, or do other people feel this way, too?

2 thoughts to “#StyleChallenge – Whitespace”

  1. I feel the same way, sometimes multiple moving images get to be a lot. Honestly, my remediation features a lot of images that aren’t moving and even that can be a lot to take in at once.

    One option would be to change the number of columns, but that could mess up your argument and might not be your best case scenario. Is there any way to limit the moving images to animate only when a cursor runs over them? I don’t know if that is a feature tumblr allows, but it could be an option if it does.

    Good luck!

  2. It’s hard to know if this could work without seeing your tumblr, but maybe you could spread out the animations between the other posts so that as you scroll down one goes off the page and another comes on. That way, at any one time depending on where you are on the page you only see one (or maybe two) animations at once.

    I also think Katie’s idea about scrolling over the image to see it move is a great idea. Along those lines, if it’s possible maybe you can set it up so you click the image and it open up bigger and then starts animating.

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