Surprise! There’s More

Working on my remediation project, an anonymous twitter, I have realized there is a lot more that goes into being an anon account than I thought. A LOT. Here I am thinking I’ll tweet everyday and tell people about my experience and advice when I forgot to think about one very important thing: what people?

I’ve been making a serious plug to follow more people and get more followers. I’m still working on it, but I realized that I have these engrained social norms for twitter that I gained through my personal account and they’re hard to break out of. For example, on my personal account I don’t like to follow more people than follow me. However on a rising anon account, that’s the way you have to get more followers. Similarly, I don’t like to follow people that I wouldn’t have a conversation with. Definitely not the case here.

Another element that I came across was that I am not just Young Professional on twitter. The other technologies that I use have to be under the same persona. For example, I use Polyvore a lot on my twitter to show fashion and beauty options. I originally was just using my personal polyvore account, but then I realized the links I was posting went back to an account that was inconsistent. So I had to create a Young Professional Polyvore account as well.

It’s been an interesting ride!


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