Tech Challenge Follow Up – Not As Easy As I Thought

In my last tech challenge I thought I had it all figured out – animating a GIF wasn’t so bad! Then I tried to download it.

I don’t have Photoshop, so I made the GIF on a university computer and saved it in mfile. Earlier today I was playing with Tumblr as a possible change-of-platform for my remediation project (more about that later) and thought I should try to upload my first animation. But when I tried to get it from mfile, it would only download as frame-by-frame still images.

Oy vey. Back to the online tutorials.

I found the problem was that the file opened in a PDF viewer, which does not support the animation. I continued to download and save the file in about 12 different applications, and was eventually able to upload the animated file to Tumblr as a looping image, although I’m still not entirely sure which application worked in the end.

This was definitely a good reminder that learning how to use new technologies and new media is a process. There will be parts that are challenging and parts that come more easily, but I’m looking forward to being able to say that I have mastered (hopefully) a new technology by the end of this project.

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