#techchallenge 2: How the heck…?

I barely know how to format a paper when I hand it in as a class assignment, let alone formatting it for web reading. In addition, I’ve barely read any papers that aren’t downloadable scholarly papers on the web so I have no idea how professionals even do this. I keep searching around on the web for clues from other authors and basically what I’ve found is that it is just individualized so I guess I’m on my own here.

I started by thinking about how I would want to read a paper if I were my own future employer (my intended audience) and I like the idea of pdfs. I know this sounds boring but I really think I know how to make this work and to make it enjoyable for my reader. The idea is that I will post a short blurb about the piece along with a link to a pdf of the paper.

This is an example of my idea where I have a short blurb describing the purpose of the piece and then a link to the pdf below:


2 thoughts to “#techchallenge 2: How the heck…?”

  1. I feel like we’re all kind of scared of linking PDFs just because they can seem kind of clunky but I think this method of blurbing it a little can totally work. I like the idea of seeing a collection of pieces at a glance and then having the ability to look more in depth. Plus the ability to link each piece as its own entity separate from the portfolio (but still integrated in the actual site) could for sure come in handy when sharing with employers. good stuff!

  2. Hi Lisa, I’m Ryan fromt the other Minor in Writing course. I think the PDF that you linked into this blog is absolutely awesome. I think that they can provide an added design complexity that might be limited through the typical blog software of wordpress.

    I wonder if to bypass the clunkiness of having a highlighted url for a pdf, you might try screen shotting it and uploading it as a .jpg? Just a suggestion. Hope it works out well!

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