Photoshop is a place where brain cells go to die.


My #techchallenge experience with photoshop was initially terrifying. The only kind of layers I like are in cake form. The only channels I enjoy are E! and TLC. And the only paths I appreciate are the hypotenuses in the Diag.

After the most strenuous thirty minutes of my entire life, my understanding of the software grew enough to where I was able to upload a photo and crop and combine to my somewhat liking.

(The entire time this was happening I was reminiscing on my elementary days of easy and fun MS Paint creations).


I also now realize that this portion of the gamefied points system is called tech challenge for a reason, because it is challenging. I’m not sure if photoshop is the platform I will use for editing the photos required for my remediation project, but I am happy that I got a glance into the world of the technologically savvy and hope to one day be able to make new creations as beautiful as my MS Paint masterpieces.

One thought to “#techchallenge”

  1. Emily I love your blog posts!! They are always hilarious, entertaining, and relatable. I’ve only used photoshop once and it was to make a poster during a required intro to computers class in high school. I can barely remember how to use it now, but I know that being in a class setting and having a teacher there to help made a huge difference. Even then, I still remember it being pretty overwhelming. That’s awesome that you were even able to figure it out a bit on your own. If you do end up using it for your remediation project I’ll be interested to see what you do because there really are endless cool photoshop effects and tools!

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