thanks weebly! #techchallenge

For the Tech Challenge to upload an artifact to a web page in a more interactive way, I decided to go back to Weebly and mess around, since the process of messing around with design is a lot faster than writing the HTML manually. I forgot how simple Weebly’s drag and drop interface was, and it’s definitely a nice breath of fresh air to be able to see in real-time exactly how the web page will look.

I put my Why I Write essay up on the Weebly I’d created earlier in the semester when we tried out the different platforms, and I found the column feature especially helpful. I ended up using a decent amount of footnotes in my essay and have been wondering how best to incorporate them on my e-portfolio so readers don’t have to scroll down to the bottom of the page every1 other2 word3. I ended up formatting it like this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.09.17 AM


So, if the screenshot isn’t too tiny to tell, the pink words reference the self-reflective comments in the right column, and the light blue [1] refers to the footnote below the reflection. I think the integration of reflection and footnotes in the same column might be too cluttered, but I like the idea of keeping all the references in line with the actual essay. I definitely found Weebly useful for planning the layout of my eportfolio, as it’s a lot easier to work and code from a planned outline of the layout, and I think having an actual webpage instead of just something drawn out on paper will be even more useful.




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  1. I love weebly! The click, drag, and drop feature is extremely awesome.
    I’m uploading a few papers that I wrote in the past and they have a bunch of footnotes. I find it SO irritating to scroll to the bottom of a page to read footnotes, but I couldn’t figure out a way to avoid that. Your idea to use columns and keep them in line with the essay is a really great idea! I might play around with mine a little more so that the footnotes are more easily accessible. Thanks for sharing that tip!

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