The e-Portfolio

The e-Portfolio is becoming addicting. It keeps happening: I sit down to fix one thing about its setup, and I end up changing everything around and rewriting my Home page. In fact, this happened in class on Thursday. We were supposed to write our Home page text’s draft in class, and I noticed everyone else went right to work at it. I, on the other hand, couldn’t ignore my compulsion to change my site’s theme around and play with the font. In my defense, I had already written the Home page text, so I figured my work was done. But, then, class came to a close, I recall, as I think back to the faint background noises of backpacks zipping and the door opening and closing ten or twenty times. And I couldn’t leave. My portfolio and I were having too much fun together, and soon it became 3:10, and I had rewritten my Home page draft and chosen a new theme to my portfolio. Addiction can be gorgeous thing, I swear it can, especially when there’s enough time to submit to it. Here and now, though, there isn’t enough time, and I KEEP SUBMITTING. The remediation project’s deadline looms, I feel. The e-Portfolio must wait.

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