The ePortfolio II

A Brief Summary of What the Portfolio Will Privilege:

I imagine my portfolio centered around the idea of a character (my pen name, Calypso) and the lenses through which she looks at things. “Calypso’s Bifocals,” it’s called. I’ve chosen this for two reasons. (1.) I needed a theme, and that meant finding a common denominator between my essays. And the common denominator is this: In my writing, I almost always hint at or describe things using the details, people, experiences, etc. that I’ve encountered in my day-to-day. It’s kind of like no matter what notion I’m writing about, my interpretations of things are always connected to the physical. I think I have to make sense of things that way. Anyway, that’s where my “lens” comes in: I tell stories (the essays in my portfolio) which are all compilations of the details that my bifocals pick up. (2.) I needed to make the portfolio a little less of a diary. Like I said, my essays usually reference real things happening in my life, and if everything’s spelled out exactly (i.e. theming my portfolio KAITLYN BYRNE’S INTERPRETATIONS OF ALL THINGS), it could be really uncomfortable when people I know Google me and find it. I feel like the character “Calypso” remains at least a little mysterious. This way, there’s room for me to be provocative in my writing since my reader hopefully remains unsure about what/who exactly I might be referencing, not to mention exactly who “I” is.

What I’m Most Excited About:

Writing. I want to make the portfolio’s prose gorgeous. I also want to finish remediating, so I can dedicate lots of time to it.

What I’m Still Struggling to Figure Out:

I think my Home page reads narcissistic, and I worry a lot about that with my portfolio idea. I fear I’m Hannah from “Girls,” writing personal essays and called way too self centered by Adam. So I need to be strategic about how I frame my Home page. If I’m going to have a blog, I don’t want my reader’s impression to be that I think I am so special and everyone’s so excited to read my life story. There has to be something engaging, something more than just a “THIS IS ME!” feel. It all begins with the prose and this idea of a character being exposed, so to avoid narcissism, I must blend these two strategies.

5 thoughts to “The ePortfolio II”

  1. Calypso- Nuff said.

    I love it. I love the theme and the mindset of the bifocals especially because you don’t actually wear glasses ( i think?). It’s a very simply way to basically tell the reader “hey, look into my life from my perspective!”. I’m really excited to see this all come together and the way you will frame this portfolio. I feel like you can play with it alot because it really is from your perspective.

    P.S- HI 🙂

  2. I love your theme! You have a unique take on the “my e-portfolio showcases writing that’s all about me” thing (which is pretty much the “theme” I’m going with). It seems like something a professional writer would create, not just a portfolio for a class project!

    As for your home page, because this is YOUR portfolio, I don’t think it can be too narcissistic. It’s supposed to be all about you, and I don’t think it’s a problem in this setting if it shows.

    If you’re still not sure, it could be interesting to really take on the character of Calypso. As you wrote, the character is a little mysterious, which could make your writing more engaging.

  3. I think that this idea for a portfolio is awesome! The title is great, and I think that the message that the bifocals send is one that will work really well throughout your writing and your portfolio.

    I think an outside perspective of your pen name to harbor the reader’s understanding about your pieces could be a tremendous tool. I hope it turns out great!

  4. Omg this is amazing. The lens idea is awesome and I think any reader would be excited to figure out what is connecting all of your essays. I think you will really put a lot of time into this and I am sure it will be well worth it!
    Don’t worry about how your home page sounds- I think it may be the case that you constantly change a word here or there every time you read it! Nothing is perfect

    good luck

  5. I remember reading your first blog post about your eportfolio (not sure if I commented) but I love that you’re sticking with your original idea because I know you were debating it before.
    I think the whole point of the portfolio is to be narcissistic. This is supposed to be all about you so why no indulge a little?
    I think this is heading in some really amazing places and I can’t wait to see what you end up with!

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