The Eternal Guinea Pig

This is a guinea pig.


We, the millennial generation, are also guinea pigs. Not only this little creature really cute (don’t need to tell me twice), it also explains our entire existence with every twitch of a whisker.

Everything is tested on us.

While I will never understand why Booberry cereal is not something sold year round because IT IS SUCCESSFUL and why some things are even thought of (remember green ketchup?), it is easy to recognize that millennial generation represents the conversion between the old world and what is to come in the future.

Lev Manovich excellently portrayed the transition of virtually the entire world in Software Takes Command. My tiny, black, beady eyes were opened to the realization that writing and communication are becoming exponentially more important for success. With the rise of technology, the world is becoming information based. Writing is no longer about forming documents; it is about expressing information in a way that is relatable to others.

As a writer, how do you maintain professionalism and relate to your readers? What even is professional writing?



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