The Makings of a Flipbook

For the second tech challenge dealing with true web writing, I decided to look into online flipbooks.  Looking through past gateway portfolios, I always noted the different ways that papers and stories were presented through them — were they copied directly onto the page?  Did they open as a separate pdf file?  Did you have to download the paper you want to read?  The few that I noted with flipbooks directly in the browser were really interesting to look at, and I enjoyed the way that they were easy to read and easily accessible.

To make my own version of this, I basically just googled “online flipbooks,” since C-Tools wouldn’t open for me, and I didn’t know where to start. The website that I used was Flipsnack (, which was really easy to use!  I just created an account, uploaded a PDF file of my essay, and chose the background color.  It was super easy!  Here’s a screenshot of the flipbook, in the browser.

Flipsnack screenshot

The only problem that I ran into was actually linking it to my eportfolio.  I’m using and I couldn’t figure out how to embed the link onto a page in order for the essay to be read.  I tried making a new page, using embedding codes, the plain code that was provided, etc., but I couldn’t figure it out.  Did anyone have success doing this on Wix?  I’d like to see how it looks and possibly use this for my portfolio!

I ended up just saving the new page I made and using a button to externally link to the flipbook on  It’s definitely not how I wanted to publish it, but it’s the best I could do.  But I really enjoyed the easiness and options for creating web writing like flipbooks!  It’s something I might look more into in the future too!

2 thoughts to “The Makings of a Flipbook”

  1. I just figured out how to do this in class thanks to the lovely ISS people! If you still are wondering:
    1) Click the embed button on the flipsnack page and copy the HTML code
    2) Click the “Add” tab in wix and press “HTML”, this will add a solid colored box to your wix page
    3) Double click the box and change the drop down menu from “website” to “HTML”
    4) paste the HTML code into
    5) resize the box to fit your flipbook!

    Hopefully this works! Good luck!

  2. Oops…not sure how to delete a comment but I didn’t meant to post that yet! To clarify..

    in step 2 it’s Add –> Apps –> HTML
    and in step 4 paste the code into the box that appears when you change it from website to HTML

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