The Melodies of Our Days

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When I browsed through the popular WordPress blogs to find an interesting blog I connected with, I was mildy impressed. Well, they just didn’t appeal to me is probably what I should say, because all the WordPress blogs were so full of stories, essays, and really just too many words in general. Don’t get me wrong the blogs were hillarious, they just didn’t keep my interest.

The blogs that appeal to me are the blogs which feature different art mediums such as photography, music, and videos. Melodaze is a great representation of an appealing tumbler blog that I follow that features underground, hard to find music. The format of Melodaze posts typically include a song link or a video link of a band song followed by a brief 1-5 sentence description of the link. This is where I discovered the band featured in the video above. The Sartorialist┬áis another blog that uses the blogspot platform and features photographs of stylish people from all around the globe. The photographs below were both be found on the Sartorialist blog. The Sartorialist blog typically post 1-2 photographs a day, and descriptions are rarely provided. It’s simply image after image after image. Both of these blogs are easy to read and creative and maintain my interest and that is why these blogs appeal to me.



Kidada Malloy

Sophomore, 25 years old, originally from Los Angeles, half English/half American, half Black/half White, interested in Public Policy

3 thoughts to “The Melodies of Our Days”

  1. I may actually start following that Melodaze blog. It has some really cool stuff on it. And just as a side note, I love the background it uses! And I agree with the fact that a lot of blogs sometimes require us to invest too much of our time in them, in order to understand their purpose. It’s always nice being able read something concise and you could definitely keep that in mind while creating your own portfolio!

  2. If you can replicate that clean, concise content in your blog I think that would be neat. The nice thing about WordPress is that it gives you all the necessary tools you need to make a streamlined, clean and awesome blog

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