The Struggle Is Real

Taking photos of food for my re-mediation project was a lot harder than I thought it would be. How hard can it be to set up food side by side and just tweek some details? Really hard.

I borrowed a Canon Rebel T3i camera from my friend (thanks Kaiyi!) who was kind enough to lend it to me for this project. I was pretty excited to use it to get high quality photographs for my ads.

I started with the apple photos. I placed it on a small plate and took a photo of it from above; it turned out pretty nice. But then I proceeded to take that same apple and placed it on a larger plate for its companion photo. It was hard to get all the details right for the second photo because everything needed to match. I had to adjust the apple multiple times to make sure it was placed in the exact same way so that it wasn’t tilted too far to one side. It was a huge pain to make sure the small apple stem was aligned in the exact same way as the first photo… Maybe I’m just super picky and meticulous, but I knew that if I was having this much trouble with taking the “easier” photos, then this photoshoot might take awhile.

I moved on to the pasta. Taking this photo was an even bigger struggle. It was like working with 60 apples at once. It was so hard to make the pieces of pasta stay in place. It was impossible to make the pasta positions match in both photos so I gave up on that detail, but it was hard to make sure the diameter of the pasta pile was the same (an extremely important visual detail for that particular ad) so that there would be an equal amount of empty space surrounding the food on different colored plates.

I know being a good photographer isn’t easy, but boy was it overwhelmingly frustrating to be one for just an hour, especially for someone who is extremely detail-oriented. I had to consider lighting, angles, zoom, negative space, etc. It was a pain, but I have much more appreciation for photographers now. How can they remain so calm when their subjects don’t cooperate? I could definitely use some pointers on patience.

Here are the best shots of the apple that I could get if you’re curious:

Untitled Untitled2

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