The World’s Fastest Man And His Blog

9.58 seconds…  Usain Bolt can run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds.  I was a never known for being a speed demon or a larger than life figure, I’ve always admired Usain Bolt for his boldness.  While my accolades do not really come close to the fastest man in the world, I think Usain Bolt’s wordpress site ( is dynamic .  Usain Bolt, as both an athlete and as a marketable, endorsable figure, embodies a cool and great public idol. His website does a great job capturing the interest and attention, while at the same time acting as an accurate extension of his personality.

In the Minor in Writing gateway blog, the takeaway that I wish to have from Usain’s website is to use dynamic themes and creative displays to translate the thoughts and ideas of the creator to harbor understanding for the reader.

Some of the specific things I like (given that I am unfamiliar in wordpress design, so I don’t know about feasibility) are the large images and the ability to scroll through content on a single page that is otherwise organized in tabs.  I think that in telling my progression through this way given the  past repurposing and remediating projects could be especially powerful.

Overall, the thing to learn from Usain’s blog is that with the right themes and tools, you can display yourself in cool, fun way on wordpress!





In the minor in writing gateway, I wanThe site looks to be very complex, having a scroll through content option and multiple title images.

Ryan Hayes

I hail from the hidden gem of the midwest Chanhassen, Minnesota home of Prince, Buffalo Wild Wings and cornfields. While my home clings to my identity leaving a perception of a faux-canadian with a hockey addiction, let me redefine myself: I am a person that is actively balancing nostalgia and thoughts of tomorrow in search of being in the now. I am an aspiring, young professional who needs to learn to shave more frequently. I am a personality, a voice and a perspective.

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  1. I really like this blog. It captures who usain bolt is as a person I think. It is very effective at marketing him and his image and something like this would be great for something like our project if it was done the right way.

  2. I am in love with the large image slideshow at the top of the page, it looks so classy! Everything is pretty clearly laid out which is nice too, and I feel like the tabs that help sort through the different kinds of news would be great for sorting between different types of writing/writing for different classes.

  3. Ryan I don’t know if you’ve decided if you’re using this format yet or not, but I give it my stamp of approval. You definitely need to have HD photos of yourself and all your accomplishments scrolling across the top of the screen. My only concern is looking at the blog, it seems like it only works aesthetically if you have lots of entries. Therefore to make it work you’ll need to have alot of entries to have enough little boxes to click on.

    Go team

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