Tweet Tweet! Hey You!

For my remediation project, I am making a twitter. It’s called Young Professional and focuses on advice in all areas of being a 20something in the professional world. It’s all pretty interesting stuff and I retweet a lot of very helpful articles for people our age/looking for jobs!

To the point, it’d be really great if you guys could follow my twitter! I’m looking to get more follows and more integrated in the twitter community!

Help me out if you like 🙂 Or just check it out! I’ll me adding more.


Young Professional

One thought to “Tweet Tweet! Hey You!”

  1. Have your heard of hootsuite ( It’s a website where you can manage and pre-write a bunch of tweets and then set when they post. We use it in the Michigan Advertising and Marketing Club for a company twitter account we manage and it’s awesome! Not sure how helpful this will be since the project was already due but if you were planning to continue updating the account in the future you should definitely check it out.

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