Twitter Style

For my remediation project, I’m working on creating a successful, anonymous advice twitter. In the beginning, I thought that all it would take was for me to tweet a lot about a certain topic. After researching advice for twitters in class today, I have realized that the style or vibe that I give off in my twitter is something of importance.

Community. It’s a word you don’t often think about when typing on a keyboard to a cold screen. However, being active in the community your twitter applies to is an important factor in being an advice/anonymous twitter. Nobody wants to read what you have to say all of the time.

So while I have worked on my own content, today I have worked on my interaction with other twitters as well. I’ve followed twitters that are for fashion, writing, business, advice and recently found a few that are aimed towards  young professionals. Most of the young professional twitters I found are area specific and more about a certain job type or city, but I think they will be great to connect with.

So while my design challenge isn’t exactly like everyone else’s, I’ve challenged myself to do research and learn how to be a successful twitter. The main goal I have is to be an extrovert online, seems contradictory huh? But I’ve learned its important to be interactive with the community so I’m going to challenge myself to change my style in that way.


Here’s the link to the site where I got most of my advice:

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