Video Problems #stylechallenge

In our video group today, we talked a lot about transitions and the pros, cons, and logistics of using a b-roll. Transitions have been something that have been on my mind recently with my Remediation project, particularly when I’ve been collecting clips and making animations to illustrate certain concepts. With text, I’ve always been able to easily transition between ideas, using words to get me smoothly from one concept to the next. But with video, there’s not really room to use only words for transitions, considering so much of a video is visual. Therefore, one of the biggest things I’ve learned with regards to transitions in videos is that they don’t necessarily need to make a point, but also you don’t want them to be cheesy or too advanced. This is where the b-roll comes in. A b-roll (which isn’t nearly as dorky as it sounds, even though it always reminds me of Rick Rolling) is a way to transition between clips by using nondescript footage and sometimes voicing over the footage to move smoothly between ideas. For example, one of our group members is using shots of people walking through the Diag as a b-roll to transition between interviews.

Overall, I learned that transitions are key when it comes to making videos because they take the place of text transitions and make the video run smoothly.

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  1. Appreciate the Rick Rolling reference. Have you pinpointed where you want to include these elements in your own video? When I think of transitions for videos I totally think of learning Windows MovieMaker in high school and making everything fade into each other…but this sounds a lot more rhetorically relevant. Can’t wait to see it!

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