What’s My Portfolio All About

So, as some of you may know I’ve had a long journey with this portfolio. I’ve switched back and forth on platforms, learned how to write in html/css and then decided that I wouldn’t use that knowledge. Let’s just say it’s been a long ride on the crazy train.

As for what it will “privilege” that has stayed the same through the whole process. It is not going to be a portfolio about me per se, but about my writing. That may sound confusing, but really all I’m trying to say here is that I want you to think about what the writing means and how it affects you before you try to psychoanalyze me. Though I am interesting (of course) this is not the place where I want you to discover that.

Now, I am very excited about the design of the site. I am going for very simplistic right now and I think it is going really well. I have a homepage with only a few links but despite the sparse nature I also feel like it is easy enough to navigate and very appealing. I’m loving this.

What I’m not loving is uploading all of my artifacts and figuring out where they should go and how I should organize them. I usually end up staring at the screen and begging it to just arrange itself in an organized manner. I think this step is just going to have to take more thought about how I want the reader to see my writing and then group it accordingly. For now, it’s just a jumbled mess.

So I will give you the link, but keep in mind this is a very rough cut.


4 thoughts to “What’s My Portfolio All About”

  1. I love the black background! It makes the images really pop and profound. I think you have alot going here and it’s interesting that you said that this is more about writing rather than you. Are you saying that your writing has nothing to do with you or your thoughts or beliefs? I wonder if you make that a statement in your blog that audiences will perceive it differently.

  2. Lisa,

    Your portfolio is really good. First of all, your site’s pretty cool. I like the layout a lot, and I think it’s creative how you’ve used “Appetizers” for your simple pieces and “Basics” for your portfolio description page. I like your Basics page a lot, and I love that you wrote it in third person. Separating yourself from your words really makes the portfolio writing-focused, and I like that a lot. “But the viewer is not the subject. The viewed is.” Oh, I love that.

  3. I totally understand the stress that comes with organizing where the papers should go- it’s difficult (but luckily not permanent!) Writing in third person is extremely unique and will really make your portfolio different and special! In a good way!!

    I really look forward to seeing how it all comes out as a “finished” or end of the semester project!

  4. Lisa, I absolutely LOVE what you have so far. It’s so totally different from what I feel everyone else is doing, and it looks a lot like the storyboard you drew in class (if I remember correctly?), which I thought was so interesting. The simple ways that you are using different foods (bloom, appetizer, desserts, etc.) are really creative, and I think that they are such a good way to tie together your portfolio’s theme. And that “About Me” section — so great. You have no idea how excited I am to see your portfolio as you keep working on it! Keep up the amazing job!

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