Wix Slideshow

I’m trying to experiment more with different types of web communication. Lately, I’ve also been nostalgic for my month in Spain and can’t help looking at all the amazing pictures that I have from my brief time there. I’m determined to capture my memories in them before it’s too late.

So why not make a slideshow? But then I started running into problems. Which pictures should I choose? What would people actually be interested in looking at? What should I caption them? Being web based, I’m really trying to make things more visual. I want my photos to be the center of attention but I want readers to understand how magical those times really were. How again do I make words on a screen come alive and show the moments as they happened?

I actually find it really helpful to listen to music that sets me in the mood for a certain type of writing. So as I’m drafting this webpage, selecting layouts, pictures, and words, I’m on Pandora, setting the mood for how I want this to look. I want a slideshow that people can look at and visualize and live vicariously through my photos. Hopefully it’s not just a memory project for myself. Hopefully it’s a memory builder for others.

And as I’m finishing this blog, the song that had blasted through our nighttime ventures hits the radio station, and I’m taken back to the cobblestone streets, the tapas, and the long nights. Maybe this is what web writing is all about. It’s about sharing the moment as it happens, not waiting for your editor to change and approve, change and approve. It’s about experiencing these moments and being able to display to others our memories as they appear in our heads. Now, what else can I do with my memories?

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