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I love photography. It’s a hobby of mine that I really wish I had more time to express myself through. Since I don’t have time to take my own pictures and capture moments, I love looking at others photos.

I find a different aspect of a story being told through photography. They don’t have to have words on the screen to say so much. On my own personal tumblr, I follow a lot of photography or artistic graphic design blogs.

After searching through wordpress blogs, I found this

First and foremost, I love the simplicity of this blog. The simple background and color scheme allowed for the pictures that they did feature to stand out. I also like the font they chose because it gave their blog a little more character.

Because the purpose of this blog is to show and highlight pictures, the simply layout works and I believe is most appropriate. Though it might not be the main focus of my blog, I love it for this one.

Lior Press

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3 thoughts to “WordPress Inspiration”

  1. Wow you’re right, this blog’s simplicity really makes the pictures jump out at you. Especially the “About Me” page, it’s just white and then EYES
    Do you feel like even though the focus of your blog is not to highlight photographs, you’d still want to have a simple layout, or would you want to do something different?

  2. This is an incredible blog. I was less successful in my WordPress hunt for a cool and interesting blog but this one is striking. I didn’t know what to expect after reading the caption on the About Me page, but the layout they chose to implement and the decision to include a crisp white background allow the pictures to speak for themselves. Even if you don’t include pictures, adding texts in different colors against a white background would allow them to pop forward in the same way. Just something to think about! Thanks for pointing this blog out, I definitely got lost in it for some time.

  3. What a cool blog! I already think Zac and Kaitlyn are adorable just by looking at their about me page, and after scrolling to their photography and seeing how the site is set up (even without looking so closely at the pictures themselves, which are super cute!) I already would want to hire them as photographers.
    And if you’re into photography, I think it would be cool to have lots of pictures and visuals to draw people into your blog. Even though it’s not really a photography thing, it could be cool to supplement your writing with vibrant images

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