I ended up being so captivated by the blogs I found that was hard for me to stop reading long enough to write this post.  This wasn’t what I was expecting — I figured I’d find something decent to blurt a post about, and then move on with my massive pile of homework.

The blog I really got caught up in was The Frailest Thing, Michael Sacasas’s blog about technology.  At the top of the page he has a quote:

“There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.” – Marshall McLuhan

This quote and the blog’s subject matter resonate with me maybe more than any blog has in the past (my reading voice feels silly saying “blog” over and over again), because it addresses both the wonder and the dread that comes alongside modern technology.  My brother works at Google; I feel that combination of excitement and apprehension any time I discuss the future with him.  Sacasas’s writing can be pretentious at times, but it’s so thoughtful and curious that I can’t hold that against him.

Sacasas’s blog is simply organized, which I like because I don’t want any distraction from the complex ideas contained in each post.  The home page, predictably, has his most recent posts in receding order.  There are links to a short “About This Blog,” to a page with articles he’s written for outside venues, an entire page on “the Borg Complex,” and a helpful tab marked “Themes” that divides up his writing based on (youguessedit) themes, like education, memory, religion, and how they all relate to technology.  Simple format, complex ideas!


To relax after all that painful brainthought, I spent some time on The Middlest Sister, a webcomic “painstakingly cut and pasted from scrap paper and other garbage,” which is pretty awesome.  It’s more about everyday humor and experiences and telling stories in a new way without delving too deep into philosophy, which I think is an important perspective to keep around while I’m freaking out about Google Glass.  I encourage you guys to check both these sites out!

William Seward’s would-be assassin
from The Frailest Thing



Mary Gallagher

I'd like to be good at poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, but really I'm here to develop the skills to write about politics and world issues

4 thoughts to “Wordprest”

  1. Technology talk always goes straight over my head but the simple nature of this blog brings the complexity of its subject down to a very manageable level. I loved the inclusion of a quote at the top of the page. This is something to consider for your blog! (and maybe even mine too!) There are so many lines from your most recent piece that I could see going up at the top of the blog, that will drag the reader in with curiosity. Thanks for sharing this find!

  2. Middle Sister is a such a cute blog! I like the idea and it is really is just so simple but still incredibly creative. I like how you started the sentence with “To relax….” because that blog really is just relaxing and refreshing break in the day. The comics are lighthearted and funny and next time I am feeling stressed or down I can just putt out my laptop or iPhone and go to the website and just take a brief moment to laugh and relax. Great find!

  3. For the first blog– I agree with you that the quote is very enticing and gives a good “aura” for what you would expect a tech blog to be. For me personally, the layout was a bit to bland but given that it is a tech blog I assume that is very appropriate

    The middlest sister was actually very creative in a different way. Though the layout itself wasn’t anything outlandish, the creative pictures (cut outs?) gave alot of character to the blog. It reminded me of your original idea of what you wanted to do with the remediation project. Maybe you can even bring that into your blog?

  4. All I could think about while looking at the middlest sister blog (cute name, btw) was how long it must take to put all those pictures together! Props to this girl for doing it, it looks pretty cool! And the results are totally cute.

    So I briefly skimmed The Frailest Thing, but honestly I have no brain power for intensive reading right now after a looooooooongggggggggggggggg day (even now, I’m still technically “at work”). I’m sure the posts are super awesome, and it’s definitely the kind of blog where no one’s trying to draw you in and force you to read because of pretty pictures and all that, but I respect that. It makes me feel like the content of the writing is more legit since it’s SO minimal.

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