A Semester Of Blogging

Pre-Writing 220 I thought of blogging as an internet diary for people who wanted to share every small detail of their waking hours with the world wide web. My only real reference to blogging was the travel blog my cousin kept on her study abroad trip documenting every type of gelato she consumed and the Xanga account my best friend had in fifth grade.

I now retract both those statements.

I’m still not sure if I will ever keep my own blog, but blogging in an academic setting for this course has actually been pretty fun. With all of the open ended assignments it’s a great way to throw out ideas and thoughts about your work and see how your classmates respond.

Before writing this post I looked back at all my old posts and actually laughed at the first few. The titles were dry and the text was formatted in lengthy paragraphs. They were essentially just short essay-like responses thrown on to the web. Over the course of the semester I’ve begun to transform my blogging style into something a bit more casual, fun, and entertaining. It’s interesting that we were never told that this is what we should do, but I think most of us agree that throughout the semester we came to understand that this makes for the most successful blog posts. I began adding images, hyperlinks, and typing a bit more like I was speaking. This blog has forced me to be creative, something that usually scares me when writing.

One of my main goals for the semester, and a guiding theme for my portfolio is learning (or forcing myself) to write in new styles and tones outside of a formal essay. I’m happy to say that blogging has been a great way to do so.

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  1. It is amazing to see the progress we have all made as bloggers this semester. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw half of this class creating their own parentingfordummies or pie baking blog ten years down the road. I actually looked at my first two blog posts and immediately cracked up – they were so boring it was funny. I guess I’ve decided that success in a blog post is how readable it is. And I think all of us have made some huge strides towards blogging stardom.

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