A Whole New World

I’m a Disney fanatic. So when thinking about how my thoughts on blogging have changed throughout this semester, Aladdin popped into my head and now I have the song “A Whole New World” stuck in my head. I’m hoping you’ve all seen Aladdin, but if not, just try to roll with me on this one…

Magic Carpet Ride

In the beginning, I completely wrote it off. When I found out about the blog I was so annoyed and all I thought was that blogging is not for me. Just like Jasmine completely wrote off Prince Ali as just another pompous, pretty boy, I felt like blogging would never capture my attention.

After my first post, I became slightly obsessed with finding little things that made me not want to do it so that I could fuel my hate fire. I thought, “this is stupid because I can’t insert videos.” Or, “nobody is really reading this so why does it matter?” Everything I wrote followed a certain prescriptive style that I had invented to get through each post. Just like Jasmine obsessed over getting Prince Ali out of the palace, I kept looking for a way out.

But just in the midst of my obsession, I saw something in blogging that reflected a joy I had once known. Blogging reminded me of the journals I had kept in middle school that contained free writes and poetry that simply filled my life with something new and adventurous that I hadn’t had before. [Here’s that magical moment] “Is it safe?” “Sure! Do you trust me?” And then Jasmine realizes she’s met Prince Ali before as Aladdin and it clicks and she grabs his hand and the carpet takes off.

And now it’s all been “a dazzling place I never knew” since then. I really enjoy the blog and what’s more is I really enjoy reading other people’s posts more than anything. I think this new way of keeping up with each other is one of the great things that has come with this generation of technological rhetoric. I think my style has stayed very similar, reflecting the emotional and personal touches that I loved about my middle school days, but with an added depth.

Since the song is now stuck in your head as well, here’s the link to the YouTube video. You’re welcome.


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  1. I applaud you for this post- Disney princesses… they’re my weakness. Maybe I have this weird obsession with my childhood that I can’t seem to stray away from, but I love connecting everything I do to things I did when I was younger. I’m also a big fan of Aladdin, but my favorite song from there would have to be the “prince ali” intro song when the genie sings that really funny song. I wonder how I could incorporate that into my blogging style…

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