Blogger Style

I think that I’ve learned a lot about blogging this semester from having to do it nearly every week. I definitely still have a lot of work to do in my perspective of blogging, as most the time I forget that there is an audience out there reading my posts and it’s not just a personal diary.

I have however become more comfortable with blogging about a variety of topics. In the past, I had only blogged on things specific to me and what was on my mind. However, through this class I gained experience in blogging on subjects that connected to other people. I learned how to think about what the other bloggers in my community would be saying on the subject and how we can engage together.

Generally, I used to write my blog as if I was just talking to myself. And while I still do struggle with getting out of my off-hand, simple tone, I do spend much more time thinking about what I’m writing, how I’m writing it and the people that will be reading it.

2 thoughts to “Blogger Style”

  1. I think that one of the best things I’ve learned by blogging in this class is how to collaborate over a blog. I agree with your sentiment that I am more conscious about what other bloggers in our community will say on subjects that I write about. This is kind of nerve wracking and also rewarding, at least to me!

  2. I can definitely relate to the fact that you’ve become more comfortable with blogging overtime. I have also used my blog as a way to connect with other people on relatable topics. I like your idea of the blog as a community-related space. I think this is a great way of thinking about a blog. Lastly, I feel the same way about “talking to myself.” I used my blog as an outlet for my stream of consciousness, and just sort of rambled.

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