I’ve never really taken the time to work on a blog for a long period of time, and this semester has been a great introduction into what it’s like to track progress and post constantly on it. I really like how we had a structure to follow and how it paralleled the work we were doing so that looking back, it’s almost like a diary.

In fact, I’ve always regretted not keeping an ongoing diary of places I’ve been and experiences I’ve had. This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to so many places and meet so many people, but I kept putting it off until there were too many memories to try and go back and capture. Part of it, I think, is the daunting nature of writing a diary entry, it seems we have to catalogue everything that happened in a day, and we have to make it artistic, unique, and reflective.

I think the strength of blogging, as we’ve learned this semester, is the ability to have short spurts of inspiration, to catalogue briefly, but constantly. It could be the shortest blurb or even just a picture, but when taken together, it represents a complete package. It’s also one of the most direct and easily bridged links into the digital medium. Writing our thoughts, after all, isn’t much different between paper and webpage. But what I’ve realized, is that once I’ve started experimenting, there are so many different mediums to use when we’re on the internet that we can link to virtually anything, post anything.

One of the hardest parts of blogging for me throughout this class has been remembering to do it every week. This is another habit that I think can be developed. Gradually, I think I’ve gotten better at it (minus this post since finals week caught up a little with me). What’s really inspiring is that I’m incredibly proud of remembering, and when I look back at all my posts, it’s satisfying and very interesting to see my progress throughout the semester.

And that’s my main takeaway from blogging for this class. Having recorded my progression, I can now view it backwards and see how I’ve changed, and figure out what I really improved and what I still need to work on. So if there was ever a reason to blog, it’s because it’s not just for people who would potentially like to read it, it’s for us. For us to see how we change and how we can use that change to build our futures.

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