Blogging Style

My blogging style started out essay-like, and this made the first few posts difficult to write for me. In English 125, I had a lecturer who emphasized “building” arguments throughout essays, and “building” in English 125 required pacing the argument over the course of 10 pages. So when I began attempting to blog like an essayist, I struggled to pace my arguments because the length of the posts was so much shorter than the ten-page writing assignments with which I was familiar. What I hadn’t yet mastered was how to pace my arguments for assignments this short (i.e. speed them up), and this resulted in my arguments developing late in my first few posts.

I’ve tried to focus on evolving my blogging style this semester to more to-the-point writing. I think, with blogging, the shorter medium requires that arguments be made within the first few lines or so. To me, a good post communicates clearly and quickly, so that readers receive lots of information in little time.

I’d like to work on using what I’ve learned with blog writing and pairing it with my initial goal to blog like an essayist as I complete my e-Portfolio. Within the portfolio, I’d like to include short “blog” pieces (maybe even some revised versions of my Minor blog posts), so that I can continue working on this practice of pacing with my writing- I’ll think of them like miniature essays. I do think it’s possible to “build” and to blog like an essayist, but in order to do that, you have to pace effectively—blog posts are a sprint and not a marathon.

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