Blogging Style

My blogging style started off very academic. I would treat each post as a class assignment, spending a couple hours writing and editing each post to make them perfect. It was hard to get past the idea that people I didn’t know very well would be reading all of my posts and that blogging counted as part of my grade.

But as the semester went on my blogging became less formal. I try to write as if I’m speaking, and try to make my posts like the start of a conversation. I tend to use this blog to ask a lot of questions. I like connecting with others about class assignments and thoughts about writing, and all the feedback I’ve received has been very helpful!

My blogging persona has changed a lot, and I’d like to keep working on it after this semester. I want to keep working on sharing things that are not class-related. I love reading what you all have posted about writing in general and all the random, awesome things you’ve found on the internet or in life. I still hope to become more of a “blogger,” not just someone who blogs for a class.

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