Bye for now!

I really wanted to quickly blog about this semester and specifically about this class quickly before the Friday deadline for posts was over. We can probably all agree that over the last couple months we’ve come really far from the beginning of class when we were all awkward classmates around a table. Although I don’t know everybody in our cohort, I think it’s really awesome that we have this small group of people that we’re basically going to be with for the next year and a half. We’ve come such a long way in writing and probably just personally, too, so congratulations on this semester!

One of my favorite things about this class and about this minor is that now, when we see each other outside of section we wave and smile or say hi. I think that’s honestly great. Even if you just recognize the person from the minor it’s totally okay to smile and wave. We’re kind of a team, right? I feel like we’re a team guys. Everyone always has such nice things to say about each other and each other’s work and that’s what a team is. A group of people put together to encourage one another and help each other reach goals. I definitely think that’s what we do.

Thanks so much for the memories! It’s really been so great getting to know the people in my section. Best of luck to everyone in their last few semesters here. Make ’em count!

Oh and I hope all of the people going abroad next semester will post little things on the community blog with lots of pictures. I’ve always wanted to go abroad, but could never fit it in. We’d love to live vicariously through you while you’re gone!

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