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To my pleasant surprise, Codeacademy was much less daunting than I expected it would be. I have a bunch of engineer friends, so I have a rough idea of what “coding” is and how tricky it can be. Needless to say, I was terrified going into my first coding lesson (especially because I accidentally clicked the wrong thing, which started me off building a website). Fortunately I found my way to HTML Basics and got started.

I learned all about tags and where to put them, in addition to more advanced (read: not very advanced, but I was proud of myself afterward) things like linking something to a picture. Everything was very step-by-step, which I appreciated, considering all this coding stuff is very new to me.

One thing I especially enjoyed about Codeacademy is that everything is in a gamified format. They give you badges and congratulate you after practically every step. It made me feel like I was doing a lot better than I thought I was. Also, because they take everything so slow, you really feel like you’re learning how to do things and eventually figure out that coding is a lot about repetition and structure.

Screen Shot of Codeacademy exercise
I’m usually more creative than “paragraph paragraph paragraph”

That being said, I recognize that there’s a lot more to coding than I’ve accomplished with HTML Basics. So probs to Margot and Joe and whoever else is planning to code their own ePortfolio. I salute you.

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  1. Hahaha I totally did the same with the “insert your own text here!” prompt. I ended up spelling the alphabet and my own name over and over again by the end. And agreed about how satisfying the badges are! I’m glad you did these, I think there’s this perception of code (i say “code” in a suuuper general sense) is completely mumbo jumbo confusion but HTML especially boils down to closing brackets and just knowing where to put the right words. Great job!! Gold star!!

  2. Dude I totally got addicted to the badges, it was a little messed up how well their reward system worked. Freshman year I ended up going through the JavaScript tutorial, and then this past summer I went through the HTML/CSS one to try to impress a potential employer. Anyway, I really like Codecademy. It’s great at breaking down a lot of complex concepts and is really helpful for people like me who have no prior experience with coding. Happy to see someone else who benefitted from it!

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