Codecademy Badges
Some of the badges I earned doing Codecademy tutorials.

I saw Dylan’s post a few days ago about Codecademy and realized that I should probably blog about my experience with it too. I started going through the JavaScript tutorial with it freshman year because I was interested in learning some core programming concepts. ‘Writing code’ had always been something shrouded in mystery to me (and still largely is) but I wanted to pull back the veil just a little bit. There are a bunch of cool things about Codecademy, one being that it starts in a very simple and intuitive way, and introduces jargon slowly and clearly. Also every time you finish a few exercises, you are rewarded with a badge, and that feels awesome. The gamification and pace of the JavaScript courses led me to learn about variables and functions and loops, and later things like data structures and objects, which I’d most definitely have to review today.

When it became time to make my E-portfolio, I chose the hand coding route largely because I had some experience with HTML/CSS (I went through these tutorials over the summer). I was most definitely over confident (see this post), but ultimately the knowledge I acquired from Codecademy, as well as some wiser opinions, led me to using a Bootstrap template to make my portfolio, which is now on its way to completion. Learning a little bit about programming through Codecademy has given me an appreciation for the work that goes into all things internet as well as practical knowledge to apply in many different areas of my life.

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  1. Wowowowow thanks for 100% showing me up with all your badges. No biggie. I’m glad someone else appreciates the gamification as much as I do though! Props.

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