Comparing Classes

Right now I’m in the process of writing a 15 page paper on a topic that I have no understanding of and now will never receive that understanding. I’m super happy I took this 18th century literature class. While it is a requirement for my English major, I hold the opinion that required classes should therefore be the best classes, as everyone has to take them.

While taking this class and writing this dreadful paper, I have begun to appreciate my other classes much more. Especially my writing minor. If you see a girl mercilessly yammering on to some freshman or other easily influenced person about the minor, that’ll be me. It just can’t get much better than writing all the time and writing about things that you care about.

So go writing minors, am I right? Okay I guess I can get back to my paper now…

One thought to “Comparing Classes”

  1. I’m laughing as I read this blog because I actually just posted about a history paper I have to write that I am really struggling it. Just like your situation, its for a history class required for the history major. I completely agree with your whole idea about required classes though. Mine is way too much work. Yeah, I’m gonna get back to my paper too, good luck!

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