Detroit City Is The Place To Be

A while back, I went to a presentation by a writer who works for Rolling Stone and recently wrote a book about Detroit, which is the title of this post. It was a recommended event to go to for gamefication points which I never ended up actually writing about… So what better time than now!

The writer was interesting because he was relatively young and knew A LOT about Detroit. The book is a non-fiction I think, that includes interviews of people living in the city. It also talks about some of the history of detroit, how it came to be the way it is, and what makes it unique from other cities. Most of it though, covers what life is like in Detroit now, and how there is so much opportunity on the horizon (which could end up being good or bad).

He mentioned how a once famous baseball diamond was being used by kids in a park now and is totally overgrown, how the police rarely show up in some neighborhoods, and even how some citizens are growing their own food and organizing their own community groups to help support each other. Hearing him talk almost sounded like he was describing the post-apocolypse. But the premise of the book is all about opportunity, and how the long standing history of Detroit makes it a much more interesting place to be compared to a city that is more corporate built and ignores community.

Anyway, I ended up buying a copy for my grandparents since they have lived in Detroit and surrounding areas for nearly their entire life. I might get around to reading it too on break and think it would be worth while for anyone who is interested in Detroit.

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