E-Portfolio “Complete”

After working on this e-portfolio for so long it actually feels weird to say it’s complete. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come since aimlessly experimenting with different sites and drafting our portfolios by hand wondering how in the world we would ever translate them to the web. I remember not even being able to figure out how to upload an image or add a tab on WordPress, and now I have an entire personal website.

I think what I struggled with the most throughout this process was the idea of the “portfolio as a composition”.  I never really understood what it meant until we peer edited in class last week. As I browsed through Beixi and Emily’s portfolios almost all of my comments were regarding navigation, layout, fonts, and visuals. Without reading a single word (okay maybe a few) I was able to get such a clear sense of who they were simply from the feel of the portfolio. Every visual decision we make in the portfolio really does create it’s own argument outside of whatever argument we are explicitly writing in the contextual reflections.

Overall I’m really happy with the layout and simplicity of my portfolio. It’s very clean and easy to navigate. There are only a couple of colors and most of the pages are really similar in layout. In my mind this adds to a coherent feel, but I hope it doesn’t feel too repetitive or boring to others. I’m also really happy with my about me section. Like others have mentioned I’m not too fond of writing about myself either so describing images turned out to be a great alternative.

Part of the reason it feels weird to say the portfolio is complete is because I want to continue adding work to it in the future. My overall theme is about diversity of writing styles and exploring new types of writing, so adding more pieces to the portfolio will only strengthen this argument.

Since I (sadly) can’t make it to the showcase I guess it’s time to post my portfolio link one last time…


2 thoughts to “E-Portfolio “Complete””

  1. Your “about me” section looks great! It’s creative and different, and I think it gives a much better sense of who you are than if you just said where you’re from / what you’re studying.

    Also, I love how you embedded this blog into your portfolio! I didn’t even think about that being possible! At first I thought it was a screenshot, but then I realized it’s actually this whole blog site that anyone can look at and use right on your portfolio. It’s really cool, and everyone should go check it out!

  2. It honestly was so interesting comparing and giving feedback on our portfolios in class last week. I completely agree that you get an instant “feel” for the type of writing you will read based off of simply the formatting choices. It is also mind boggling that all of us actually completed the same assignment in such unique ways. Yours looks great, by the way!

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