E-portfolio showcase

I was able to catch the very end of the e-portfolio presentations, with just enough time to present mine. To be fair, I thought the presentations would go until 1, but I’m still glad I came (the jimmy johns, chips and juice was nice). I wish I would have been able to come sooner to see everyone’s portfolio’s, because from what I have seen in this blog, I can’t believe how cool some of them are. I’m very impressed by those who wrote their own code, and even those who designed their site really well through any of the other host sites. I will definitely learn from some of the creative designs and will most likely try to improve mine in the future (or change it all together).

I especially like some of the designs that include a really simple homepage (a large photo background, with name and a small introduction as the only writing). I hope to simplify mine more in the future and possibly try out a similar layout.

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  1. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the e-portfolio showcase at all, but I’ve been looking through a bunch of them and I completely agree with you. All of them are so great, and I’m especially impressed with the ones that wrote their own codes as well. I wrote in a blog earlier today that I’m looking forward to taking what I learn from other portfolios to improve on my own and I think its great you aim to do the same.

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