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Working on my e-portfolio has been a roller coaster ride of HTML success and failure. But now, after presenting it at the showcase today and finishing the Gateway class, I can definitely say it been my most rewarding experience in this course.

For one, it taught me so much about HTML and CSS, and how powerful each of them are. I learned concepts that I didn’t really grasp when just going over tutorials. Secondly, it forced me to review my projects for this class both individually and as a whole, the later of which I rarely get to do for writing classes. It was interesting to see my progression as a writer – the changes in style and tone – but also my progression of ideas. In this class I found myself experimenting a great deal with how I write, and I think this is reflected in the contents and creation of my portfolio, especially through the drafts of my work. At the same time, I feel as though at the end of the semester I have found aspects of my writing that work and those that don’t. I’ve begun to develop certain styles and methods of approaching ideas, which is exciting.

Though it was a huge learning experience, developing a finished product for this portfolio was hard work. Obviously there were coding issues (shout out to my roommate for helping me through a number of these), but also issues of placement (the order and structuring of my artifacts) and reflection. I really had to spend time thinking about my takeaways from my work, and this could be tedious at times.

In the end I am proud of my final e-portfolio product I will probably continue to play with the code as a way of keeping my newly developed HTML skills refined. I also plan on revising the artifacts even after the semester ends, because I really want it to showcase my best work.

2 thoughts to “E-portfolio wooooo”

  1. First of all, your portfolio looks awesome. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the showcase today, so I didn’t get to see you present it, but I was just checking it out and I think you did an amazing jog. I really like the layout. I really like how easy it is to navigate. I’m sure it was definitely difficult to make everything look so smooth. I’m pretty technologically challenged to be honest, but I really like what you did with your portfolio

  2. I LOVE that screen shot. I checked out the website too and for some reason that photo is not loading completely, it looks cut off near the very top. But I checked out the tabs and those are awesome. I really like the way you designed it, all on one page. It is unique and very easy to use. I think the pictures add a lot too. Especially the rhino, that was my favorite one. But they catch you off guard and made me more intrigued to keep reading. I’m really impressed you designed that completely yourself and wrote the code. You should definitely consider that for a profession.

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