E-portfolios and those colors….

I always have these big plans for finishing my e-portfolio. I nearly finished an entire one on weebly until I saw some of the cool features on wix and I jumped into that. Of course I have been anxious to get my theme across- a sort of imaginative dream-like creative jumbley mess of something I think depicts me- but for some reason I cannot seem to feel satisfied with the colors.

After visiting a few other sites, I realized- or I have put it in my head somehow- that this is one of the most appealing and eye-catching aspects of it. I have been playing around with what could really capture my theme the best. Is it too dark? Are there too many colors? Are these the RIGHT colors? And the list goes on….

Of course I realize that this is obviously a little too obsessive. After all the purpose is to showcase your work- but I always feel the way things are presented can change the entire perception of something. I have been to museums before that showcase different works of art, and sometimes these are replicas or copies that the museum has been given. For example, take Michelangelo’s David. When you see him outside in the piazza, he starkly contrasts the dark cobblestones around him, he is tall and masculine. But in the museum, he blends in and his powerful persona pales in comparison.

I think this might be one of my pitfalls-or positives- I haven’t decided yet. I focus so much on the surroundings or bigger picture for things. Now onto the details…

One thought to “E-portfolios and those colors….”

  1. I agree with your attention to color a lot, I don’t think it’s too obsessive. I think that’s one of the important things that we are learning in this class is that so many other things are involved in the rhetoric or getting across the message. I spent so much time switching themes and the colors of my links to get them exactly how I wanted them. Honestly, I don’t think it’ll ever be perfect. But rest assured, you’re not the only one!

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