As a whole, I feel that my ePortfolio is a 100% accurate reflection of my semester.


Unexpected turns of events, like finding out an exam is cumulative the night before, accidentally turning the house thermometer to 90 degrees at 3 am, and Wix destroying two hours of hard work and only apologizing with a strange little yellow starman who says “Oops! We’re currently experiencing a technical glitch! Sorry”, have absolutely defined this semester.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do love my final ePortfolio, but I have a hard time believing that it will ever actually be finished. It will never really be good enough.


[insert #techchallenge3]

A prime example of something not going as planned is the video on the front page of my ePortfolio. I will never be Jenna Marbles and will never try again. However, I feel as if the biggest #techfail has got to be the wave noises in the background. If you feel compelled to watch it for some reason, please keep in mind that it is about the effort. Maybe also imagine a cute dog or bunny and it could be more tolerable.

The video will be changed in ePortfolio Round 2. No worries, everyone.


Feel free to check out my “final” product here! 

2 thoughts to “ePortfoLeaveBloggingForever”

  1. I LOVE THE VIDEO!!!!! I loled a lot. It’s also 1:30 am and I have no idea why or how I ended up on the blog…? But I watched it and felt inclined to comment. Ok well…see ya at our final tomorrow -____- When I fail I will remember that it’s fine because life’s a bitch

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