If I had not taken this class, the chances of me searching through a writer’s ePortfolio would be slim to none.

Therefore, I want to at least make it someone interesting and aesthetically appealing for whoever happens to get stuck reading mine!

3 keys to making my ePortfolio tolerable

1. If it is longer than two mouse scrolls of words on one page, it will not be read

An extensive amount of text on a page is a bigger turn off than wearing an OSU tshirt. Just as I will not even acknowledge the existence of anybody who proudly exclaims that they are from Ohio, I will barely glance at excessive words. This led me to complete a #techchallenge.

Because I want to include a full research paper in my ePortfolio to give viewers a diverse selection of work, I formed a slideshow of images for each page instead of simply copying the text onto a page. You can check that out here.

2. Keep it simple.

Nothing is more annoying than 17 colors and 28 fonts on a single webpage. If I go to a website that looks like it just jogged though the Color Run, I will actually refuse to read it. Therefore, I only included three colors and one font on the entirety of my website.

3. Straddle the fine line between professional and entertaining.

To be a successful writer, I believe that you have to stand out and be interesting. Nothing screams “blah” louder than your senior picture next to an about me saying you “hail” from somewhere and are majoring in something other than rocket science.


My ePortfolio is weird. It’s not very appropriate. And it may not even work. However, if it grabs at least one smile, it will be worth it.

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