Final Portfolio

3 months after I first started my portfolio, it’s done.¬†

Looking back, it’s crazy to see how it’s changed. I remember looking through countless templates and trying to figure out which one could possibly represent me. Then I discovered the beauty of completely reinventing a page, of adding my own touch, but above all, of keeping it simple so that a certain tone and message could really be felt throughout the entire portfolio.

As I worked on it, adding artifacts, changing layouts, I found myself including more and more pieces of my life onto this online platform. It started off as writing from school, moving on to include blogs we’ve done for class, and eventually even my ¬†travel pictures from this summer snuck into it. Before I knew it, my internal menu for categorizing my pages was exploding and there were subpages within subpages within pages.

Experimenting with the different technology also became more and more complex. I had buttons linking forwards and backwards, to other parts of the portfolio, and all over the place besides. Checking to make sure all these links worked was an hour long process in itself. But more importantly, it was incredible to see how I could change my writing on the online platform. From changing the layout to mimic a book, to incorporating visuals and collages to tell a story, there were so many possibilities, and for the first time, I was writing with something other than just words.

Although a lot of work, I’ve really enjoyed every step of the way and remember working on my portfolio just to procrastinate on my other homework. Seeing the finished product is very satisfying, and I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to grow and change it, so that it can continue to capture how I view the world.

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