Final Remediation and Lessons Learned (Tech Challenge #2)

After I returned my final draft of the Remediation, I realized I only did one tech challenge, so here is my second one: a reflection of what I’ve learned. First of all, there are a few tricks involved for getting a youtube video into an iMovie project. All of the sources I found actually were not completely clear and I had to find a few things out on my own. I finally figured out that typing “kiss” before the the URL name is the best way to download a video. But when the video size is chosen, it does not download, only plays. From this point I had to right click on the video and then choose download, and finally found success. Once I had that, iMovie makes it very easy to import through the ‘import movie’ link. Another very important tool I used was the ‘detach audio’ function. This allowed me to cut up only the most important pieces of each video, while still including the audio of the song playing in the background. I used this function to allow the song “We Won’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus, to play in the background during the interview process But in order for that to work, I had to make sure the volume of the background song would lower during any interviews. This was done through the ‘ducking’ tool in the audio of each video clip. By lowering the ducking to less than 15% for each clip, the background song automatically lowered during any speaking clips, and that was very necessary. Finally, creating subtitles on youtube was a much longer process than expected. I had to go through each line in about 5 second intervals to make sure it lined up perfectly, because Youtube’s auto analyze function was completely useless. This may be basic knowledge stuff, but will be useful in every video I make.


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